The Lewes label the Kardashians' love

Pictures: Nima ElmPictures: Nima Elm
Pictures: Nima Elm
When you think of fashion brands worn by Kim Kardashian you probably don't associate any of them with Lewes, but one has caught the reality star's eye as Charlotte Harding reveals.

For any new clothing business getting spotted and tagged in posts on social media is important.

But when Alie Mackintosh saw Kim Kardashian in one of her skirts she describes it as an ‘oh wow’ moment for the brand.

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“As soon as I saw the picture I knew it was one of ours,” explains the founder and chief executive of Boom Boom The Label.

“Our clothes are double layered so we don’t have a seam along the hem, so we had a projector and blew the picture up large on the wall to try and see the hem.

“When we got confirmation from her agent that it was ours we couldn’t believe it.

“She has since bought a few things from us, and even posted a link to our website from her own site which was amazing.”

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Based in Lewes, Boom Boom has two buildings – a production and design studio and a distribution centre – and what started with just Alie has grown to 17 employees.

Alie set up Boom Boom The Label while she was studying product design at Central St Martin’s university in London.

“I didn’t want to do fashion as I like the idea of designing something that has a purpose,” she reveals.

“Also people had told me that it was hard to be successful in fashion.

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“I saw fashion as more creative and a concept rather than having a purpose or outcome.

“But I have always liked taking something 2D and make it 3D.”

It was while living in London that Alie says she started to sew, which saw her making her own clothes for nights out in the capital.

With a number of people asking where her clothes were from she decided that there was a market for what she was doing and registered the business in 2012.

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Each of the skirts, tops and dresses are designed and made by hand in Lewes by Alie and her team.

“Once we get the order in we layout the pattern and cut it all out,” explains Alie.

“It means we can customise most of the designs so if there is a midi dress we can make it a maxi.

“We can also make it fit perfectly. I want people to feel confident in our dresses, but if they need a particular measurement for a skirt or top we can accommodate.”

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The core collection is made with Boom Boom’s signature double layered fabric, it gives the clothing a heavier weight, which creates a flattering fit with properties similar to shapewear.

“This means the clothes aren’t see-through,” says Alie.

“It also holds you in in all the right places and creates a great silhouette.

“I design with the customer in mind and want them to feel confident when they wear our clothes.”

The fabric is cut in a way that it cinches at the waist which Alie says creates ‘a flattering and supportive fit which produces a beautiful silhouette without excess fabric at the waist’.

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Launching officially in November, 2014, when Alie committed to the business full time, orders quickly took off and saw people from Australia and America buying stock.

“I used to look at the orders and see where people were from it was fascinating,” she smiles.

“I still do it now occasionally but because of this we don’t tend to do seasonal drops as when it is winter here is it summer in Australia.”

Most businesses now know the importance of social media but for Boom Boom The Label photo-sharing website Instagram has been vital.

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“We have a lot of followers and get a lot of likes,” explains Alie.

“It is the way many of our customers share what they have bought as well which is great to see.”

Key to the brand is repeat customers and Alie admits that they do see people coming back time and time again.

“I love it when people order again from us,” she says.

“I design with the customer in mind so I hope once they have bought something they will come back, which many do.” And

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when one of those repeat customers is a Kardashian you know you are doing something right.

To view the entire collection visit and for Instagram you can find them here:

This feature first appeared in the January edition of etc Magazine