The wellbeing retreat which offers yoga and song writing

Tilton in the South Downs
Tilton in the South Downs

Shaun Treloar and his partner Polly Moore initially set about hosting creative writing workshops at Tilton House.

But when a yogi sought them out to host a yoga retreat it changed the direction of the business.

Arch onto the Downs

Arch onto the Downs

“It was about ten years ago,” Shaun reveals. “After that first booking it just grew.

“We have been booked up with lots of yoga retreats but we also do more creative ones such as song writing through the second arm of the business Department of Wellbeing.”

All the retreats have a common theme running throughout them the chance to take some time out and think about your personal wellbeing away from the stresses of everyday life.

“We were filmmakers before and with that you are fulfilling a need and that is what we do at the retreat,” explains Shaun. “We saw a need of wellbeing and fulfil that here.”

Songwriting course

Songwriting course

The couple moved down to Firle 18 years ago after closing their eyes and putting a pin in the map.

“We just didn’t want to live in London any more,” he reveals.

“When this property came on the market we took the lease and have been running it ever since.

“We have been here for 11 years, my partner are I were originally filmmakers and bought it to host creative writing retreats because of the building’s and the surrounding area’s history.

Exterior yurt

Exterior yurt

“But what started off as a business has now turned into a lifestyle.”

Retreats are run 52 weeks of the year both on weekends and mid week and they are currently taking bookings up until November 2020.

The retreat offers eight sessions over the four days of Dynamic and Yin Yoga alongside meditation, pranayama a form of breathing exercises, the use of affirmations and Yoga Nidra plus self enquiry exercises.

Set in the South Downs National Park in East Sussex it really is in a breathtaking place with a beautiful vista for people to enjoy.

“We have close proximity to London and we are in one of the closest national parks to London,” says Shaun.

“Some other retreats are on the outskirts of a town or city whereas we aren’t and once you are here you park your car up and that’s it.

“Everything you need is within walking distance.”

During their stay guests can enjoy a walk around the South Downs, enjoy the sauna, have a massage or visit the Bloomsbury groups Charleston Farmhouse nearby.

It is not surprising to find out they get people visiting again and again.

In recent years it seems that people have become more open to practices such as meditation and mindfulness in a world where we are surrounded by screens 24/7.

One of the big differences Shaun has seen relates to food.

“We have seen attitude towards food change, years ago if we gave people vegan or vegetarian food they didn’t really understand it,” he explains, “but now thanks to the high street and supermarkets people are more aware.”

Other retreats in the pipeline include a full moon day one, refresh revive yoga weekend and the five day song writing retreat.

For more information on Tilton House and future retreats, visit


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