Well-known TV comic takes his show on the road

Milton Jones is back on the road with another tour. If you like the stuff he’s done on Mock The Week, Live At The Apollo or in any of the nine radio series he’s done for Radio 4 then this is the show for you.
Milton JonesMilton Jones
Milton Jones

At times clever and surreal but mainly just stupid, stupid, stupid.

He explains what prompted a career in comedy.

Where were you born?

Kew Gardens. Not in the actual Gardens themselves, in the village near by. Not a very urban place to grow up really, although parts of it were ‘like a jungle’ – eg. the Palm House.

Is Milton you’re real name?

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I’m afraid so. As a child I heard all the jokes about being ‘keen’, sterilising fluid and always having bits of food in my hair. Actually that last one might not be to do with my name. One of my ambitions is to one day overhear someone make fun of Milton Keynes by calling it ‘Milton Jones’.

What kind of a family do you come from?

My Dad was a physicist and my Mum was a housewife. I had a nice suburban upbringing, went to a good school and mixed with normal people. Obviously my only worry growing up was that if I ever wanted to become a comedian I would have nothing to be really angry about.

Did you make people laugh at school?

Maybe behind my back, but I was always quite a quiet kid and kept myself to myself – probably the sort who often eventually gets hold of a gun and takes hostages. Fortunately I discovered acting instead.

So you wanted to be an actor?

Yes, but no one else wanted me to - well I didn’t have much work at the time. But the thing about stand-up is that if you have the bottle you can get up and do it if you want. So I gave it a try. My first few attempts weren’t great but I was arrogant enough to keep going. When it began to work I noticed that unlike acting, you didn’t have to rehearse or share the laughs with anyone else. But also unlike acting if it went wrong there was no one else to blame.

So how did you end up doing one-liners?

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I’ve always had a short concentration span. I think I appeal to other people who have short concentration spans. (Not that they will have read this far.) I think if a one-liner succeeds you put a tiny but entertaining cartoon in peoples’ heads.

What’s it like being on Mock the Week?

It’s a bit like doing a comedy exam in public. The hardest part is to get a word in when other people are talking. But next series I will be distracting people with my lucky klaxon.

Where do you get your shirts?

Retro shops usually. If people don’t remember my name at least they remember the shirt. Actually people have started turning up to my shows wearing that type of shirt now. They shouldn’t do it, they don’t understand what they’re messing with!

Tickets are £21. Visit whiterocktheatre.org.uk or call 01424 462288.