A Dalek called Clive

Sindy, Barbie, and a dalek called Clive are just some of the stars of a gently nostalgic new exhibition at Bexhill Museum.

The Toys And Childhood display has been stirring memories from young and old alike as visitors of all ages see much loved friends and familiar faces among the teddy bears, dolls, and iconic characters from the past.

The exhibition was put together by Bexhill Museum's Claire Eden who said: "We have a range of toys from the Victorian period right up to the modern day - things like bisque and wax dolls, one of the earliest Barbie dolls, Sindy, Action Man, Stieff teddy bears, Chad Valley bears and dolls, and things from more recent times like Tamagotchi, Game Boy, Lego and Star Wars."

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She said there had been "fantastic reaction" already to the Toys and Childhood exhibition.

"It started a few months ago when we put out a request for childhood memories and toys. So many people came in with their written memories, or said they had something and would we like to borrow it?

"A big part of this is the oral history which people can listen to."

Claire's own favourite part of the display is the Sylvanian Family set from the 1980s which she hankered after as a girl.

"It is like re-living a childhood memory," she said.

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"It is amazing that you get different generations of people coming in and they all seem to have similar experiences.

"It has been great. We had different age-groups from children right through to a lady in her 90s all here sharing their memories on common ground...anyone can connect to this in some way."