Adur goes to the polls: 2014 local election results

IT’S all over, and a good result for UKIP in Adur who picked up five seats. A full list of results is below, plus reaction from the winners.

Results will be announced from 2pm
Results will be announced from 2pm

Turnout in Adur was 37.64 per cent for the European elections, 37.82 per cent for local elections and 40.83 per cent for the parish council vote.

UKIP stole five seats, snatching four from the Tories and one from the Lib Dems.

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It was smiles all round for the purple party, who have gained a significant foothold in the council chamber.

First-time candidates Geoff Patmore (Widewater), Ken Bishop (Southlands), David Lambourne (Mash Barn) and Lyn Phillips (Cokeham) all secured victories, as did former Lib Dem, Liz Haywood (Mash Barn).

The conservatives managed to hold on to nine seats, but it was a miserable afternoon for the Lib Dems who lost their last remaining seat after Richard Burt stepped down.

Janet Mockeridge stepped down in Hillside, but her Tory seat was secured by David Simmons.

James Butcher won the first seat of the day, in Churchill ward, Lancing.

He said: “It was regeneration versus stagnation and regeneration won.”

UKIP took Southlands and Cokeham from the Tories, while Hillside went to the Tories again.

Ken Bishop, winner in Southlands said: “It’s wonderful. It was worth all the hard work. Now the real work starts.”

Jim Funnell retained Eastbrook ward for the Tories, with UKIP more than 100 votes behind.

“I’d like to thank all my colleagues,” he said. “I have had a difficult time over the last month and they have done a lot for me and I’m grateful for what they have done and I’m obviously pleased to be returned again.”

Fist-time candidate Geoff Patmore won Widewater for UKIP with 99 more votes than the Tories.

“I’m ecstatic,” he said. “Common sense has prevailed. It was hard fought.”

Linda Phillips also won Cokeham ward for UKIP, beating the Tories by more than 100 votes.

“I’m absolutely amazed,” she said.

“Obviously I’m very pleased and very very surprised. I could see when I was out canvassing that feeling was very mixed in Cokeham.

“I hope it bodes well for the rest of the results. Coming first is fantastic.”

Tory Emma Evans won in Buckingham, with 678 votes and a winning margin of more than 400.

“I’m concerned that 250 people still think for an extremist party is the way to go when it’s all about local policies,” she said.

“UKIP have no local policies and yet 250 people are still voting for them.

“I don’t feel it’s a victory. I won’t stop working until that 250 goes down to zero.”

Adur chairman Mike Mendoza retained St Mary’s ward with more than 500 votes.

“I’m shocked and shattered,” he said. “I never expected that. I have had some great support, but I thought it would be a lot closer.

“It’s reflective of the great support and the work I have put in over the last four years.”

Emily Hidditch comfortably retained Southwick for the conservatives.

“I’m so happy,” she said. “I don’t think you can ever expect it. I’m in shock, I don’t know what to say.”

Adur leader Neil Parkin also retained his seat in St Nicolas with ease, more than tripling UKIP’s vote with 696.

“I’m delighted that the people of St Nicolas ward have put their trust in me and they have come out in some numbers to do it.

“I was getting a good response on the doorstep and as we are the only ones who go around knocking, people do comment on that but you never know.”

Tory Brian Boggis held on to his seat of Peverel in Sompting, after a close-fought run-in with UKIP’s Adrian Weber, beating his rival by 49 votes, 469 to 420.

“I’m obviously pleased to be re-elected,” he said. “We fought hard against a strong UKIP candidate and I’m pleased to still retain the confidence of the folks of Peverel ward.”

There was a landslide victory for Independent Ben Stride in Marine, who retained his seat with a winning margin of almost 500 votes.

“I’m elated,” he said. “We had a really hard-working team and we have canvassed every single property. I just want to thank my team of the Shoreham Beach Residents’ Association committee for all their support.

“I hoped to win, but I never expected it.”

Greens tied with Labour in Marine on 128.

In Mash Barn UKIP claimed both seats, with Liz Haywood and David Lambourne both picking up more than 400 votes.

Cllr Haywood said: “I’m absolutely chuffed to bits. I’m really pleased. It’s been a really hard campaign.”

Lancing Parish Council

UKIP’s Jason Lock strolled home in Mash Barn with 448 votes, while Carol Albury won in Manor North with 382.

In Widewater, UKIP’s Clive Burghard clinched a narrow victory with 599 votes to Tory Mumin Elshahri’s 571.

Sompting Parish Council

In Cokeham South, Lib Dem Kay Vincent made up for her defeat in the district council election with a narrow win over UKIP, while in Peverel South, UKIP scooped both seats with Gina Scotting, UKIP, receiving 210 votes and David Lewis, winning 255.

2014 candidates and results: Adur District Council


Nicola Carden (Lab) - 171

Mick Clark (UKIP) - 250

Emma Evans (Con) - 678

Thomas Hilditch (Lib) - 67

Jennie Tindall (Green) - 101


James Butcher (Con) - 631

Steve Creed (Lib) - 217

Sid Hilsum (UKIP) - 481


Alun Jones (Lab) - 223

Tony Nicklen (Con) - 317

Lyn Phillips (UKIP) - 452

Kay Vincent (Lib) - 318


David Edey (Lib) - 138

James Funnell (Con) -428

Patrick Ginnelly (Green) - 81

Peter Hancock (UKIP) -325

Sami Zeglam (Lab) - 262


Stephen Barnes (Green) - 65

Jenny Greig (UKIP) - 402

Julie Scarratt (Lab) - 214

David Simmons (Con) - 529

Drew Tinsley (Lib) - 59


Carol Albury (Con) - 590

Stuart Douch (Lib) - 120

Lionel Parsons (UKIP) - 448

Michael Thornton (Lab) - 168


Naira Baboumian (Lib) - 74

Joyce Burns (Lab) - 128

Sean Hawkey (Green) - 128

Baz Pettett (UKIP) - 248

Ben Stride (Independent) -743

Mash Barn (two councillors)

Douglas Bradley (Lab) - 159

Liz Haywood (UKIP) - 416

John Hollington (Con) - 198

David Lambourne (UKIP) - 461

Doris Martin (Lib) - 265

Steve Martin (Lib) - 224

Angie Mills (Con) - 245


Kenneth Bashford (Lab) - 236

Brian Boggis (Con) - 469

Raj Dooraree (Lib) - 75

Adrian Weber (UKIP) - 420


Ken Bishop (UKIP) - 371

Louise Carroll (Green)- 50

Stephen Chipp (Con) - 353

Nilda Dooraree (Lib) - 55

Ian Lidbetter (Lab) - 250


Steve Carden (Lab) - 244

Emily Hilditch (Con) - 588

Steven Huckle (Green) -109

Bill Jarman (UKIP) -271

Paul Taylor (Lib) -88

St Mary’s

Clive Burghard (UKIP)-289

Robert Burt (Lib) -88

Lynn Finnigan (Green) -174

Mike Mendoza (Con) -508

Irene Reed (Lab) -309

St Nicolas

Mike Henn (UKIP) -228

Jan Kimber (Lib) -106

Moyra Martin (Green) -178

Peter Nelson (Lab) -218

Neil Parkin (Con) -695


Cyril Cannings (Lib) -149

David Devoy (Lab) -318

Mumin Elshahri (Con) -617

Geoff Patmore (UKIP) -706

Lancing Parish Council

Manor North

Carol Albury (Con) - 382

Stuart Douch (Lib) - 74

Lionel Parsons (UKIP) - 194

Ann Saunders (Lab) - 73

Mash Barn

Douglas Bradley (Lab) - 145

Patricia Izod (Lib) - 201

Jason Lock (UKIP) - 448

Angie Mills (Con) - 265


George Bell (Ind) - 74

Clive Burghard (UKIP) - 599

Cyril Cannings (Lib) - 118

David Devoy (Lab) - 305

Mumin Elshahri (Con) - 571

Sompting Parish Council

Cokeham South

Alun Jones (Lab)- 115

Jean Turner (UKIP)- 254

Kay Vincent (Lib)- 257

Peverel South

Patricia Allwright (Ind) 125

Raj Dooraree (Lib)- 110

David Lewis (UKIP) - 255

Tony Nicklen (Ind) - 96

Melanie Rubin (Ind) - 82

Gina Scotting (UKIP) - 210