All aboard the Chichester road train

A road train and carriage which could be brought to Chichester city centre in a bid to ease pressure on central car parks and, at the same time, create a new tourist attraction, was tested out in the city last week.

The road train, which Kew Gardens loaned to the District Council for the day, was tested through the streets around the main pedestrian precinct of Chichester, to help assess its usability for passengers and practicalities of operation.

Routes under consideration include linking the Avenue de Chartres car park to Northgate, past the city cross and the cathedral.

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Those attending the road train trial included members of the Chichester District Parking Forum, the Chamber of Commerce, West Sussex County Council and the Police.

Councillor Tony French, Chairman of the Chichester District Parking Forum, said: "I fully support the idea of bringing a road train to Chichester as it could encourage visitors to use those car parks which are located just outside the city centre, and so ease pressure on our central car parks.

"The road train could also assist elderly or disabled persons, and parents with young children who find it difficult gaining access to the city centre."

Full story in West Sussex Gazette, October 20