Apprentice campaign ends as firms pledge 127 places

NORTHBROOK College has hailed a ‘highly successful’ apprenticeship campaign which has seen 127 roles created in less than four months.

W35954H13 100 Apprentices Target Beaten at Northbrook College staff celebrate

In May, the college teamed-up with the Herald and Gazette to lead the push for businesses to pledge places for apprentices.

Its initial target of 100 places was quickly ‘smashed’, to the delight of Northbrook’s apprenticeship manager Brenda Cook.

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She said: “I wasn’t sure what to expect when, in partnership with the Herald and Gazette, I launched the campaign.

“I shouldn’t have been concerned, because local employers have come up trumps again, and have really engaged with the campaign, which has enabled the target of 100 local jobs to be smashed.”

A range of organisations have stepped-up to pledge apprentice places, from Adur and Worthing councils, to Caffyns.

Some have enjoyed an ongoing partnership with the college, but many have pledged to recruit apprentices for the first time.

It has not only provided opportunities for younger people, either, with a host of mature students signing-up for training.

The opportunity was leapt-upon by five women at Invensys Eurotherm, for example, who in some cases had worked in their role for 30 years.

Mrs Cook hailed both those beginning work as an apprentice, and those who hired them.

She said: “I would like to say thank you to all our employers for giving the apprentices a chance to get their foothold onto a career. I would also like to say to those who are just starting their journey as an apprentice, that you have been offered a great opportunity – seize it with both hands.”

Northbrook’s head of business development Anne Feldberg also praised the campaign.

She said: “This campaign has been highly successful, and will allow Northbrook to further grow its quality training offer for apprenticeships with local employers.

“Creating 127 jobs will not only benefit the local economy, but will also provide the apprentices recruited with skills and training to develop and support their future careers.”

The Northbrook team is still searching for businesses interested in pledging apprentice places.

Mrs Cook said: “Even though we have succeeded in reaching our target, the apprenticeship team at Northbrook College will not stop there.

“We will be continuing to recruit throughout the year, and welcome enquiries from employers and potential apprentices.”

To find out more, call the team on 01903 273375 or email [email protected]