Are you relying on an inheritance pay out for financial security?

Millions of Brits rely on inheriting money from a loved one for their future financial security.

Whether it be to aid in purchasing a home, putting children through school or paying for a wedding, many see an inheritance as the difference between being financially comfortable or not.

That being said, many of us are left unsure of how to bring up the sensitive and sometimes difficult topic of inheritance and wills with their family members.

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This can mean that they are often left surprised or disappointed at the will reading when they’re expectations are not met.

So much so that 36% of people would be willing to take a family member to court if they feel the outcome has been unfairly distributed.

“Joining in an online informative show is Marc Allum from Antiques Roadshow and James Beresford, Head of Inheritance for law firm, Slater and Gordon will be looking at everything from how to bring up the topic before going legal, how to set up a tax efficient will and the legal options we have on the matter.”

If you have any questions you would like answered during the show send them in using the hashtag #SGInheritance