Bexhill Art Society show back at DLWP

The annual Bexhill Art Society exhibition returned last week to the De La Warr Pavilion.

The show in the newly built studio was opened by John Dowling, former deputy editor of the Bexhill Observer, and was available to the public during the weekend and bank holiday.

On display were paintings in different mediums by almost 50 members of Bexhill rt Society who produced their best work for the occasion.

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Chairman Chris Maclean said: "It's very good - I think this is a better exhibition than we have had for a long time. Because we were coming into the DLWP, we tried to make it as professional as we could, and produce our highest standard. So they have all made an effort, and the DLWP has been very helpful.

"There is a variety of everything."

The remarkable range of the exhibition included a painting by Penelope Fawkner that she had donated for the event, and appealing work by Carole Green and Joan Passingham which were voted the most popular among members at the opening.

The raffle and some of the money made by sale of paintings will go towards the cost of holding the exhibition in the DLWP's studio which Chris said may prevent it being held there again.

She claimed the event will end up costing almost 1,000, including the space itself and DLWP manpower used in putting the art work on the walls to best advantage.

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"It is going to be pretty pricey. Whether we can afford to do it many times I don't know. Everybody pays to put their paintings in the show and we take 10 percent of sales, including the cards, and Penelope Fawkner has donated her painting to the show, which we are raffling in the hope of getting some money back.

"The DLWP has an exhibition by local children upstairs but we are not allowed in - perhaps the trouble is our members are mostly elderly, and the majority are retired."

There are at present 120 members of Bexhill Art Society, many of who attend the monthly meetings at St Augustine's church hall.

Chris said: "We have a video and dvd club, a sales table, a noticeboard, the workshops once a month. I do a competition every month for members where I give them a subject and they do work and get a little prize. I also have an artist of the month, when one of them brings along six paintings and puts them up so everyone can see what they are doing. We have a screen and projector too...We get about 80 members coming every time - it is a good club."

For details of becoming a member of Bexhill Art Society call Chris on 01424 844981.

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