Bexhill schoolgirl completes her 1,000-mile walk for charity

A schoolgirl who set herself a goal to walk 1,000 miles for charity has completed her challenge.

Abigail, right, and her sister Eleni SUS-180201-102016001
Abigail, right, and her sister Eleni SUS-180201-102016001

Abigail Wheeler, eight, from Bexhill, started her fundraising trek last January, aiming to amass the necessary distance to make up the epic journey through numerous walks throughout 2017 in aid of The Rainforest Foundation UK.

The schoolgirl, who attends King Offa Academy, took part in many walks throughout 2017 and also participated in the Beat the Street game.

She also embarked on various hikes with Bexhill 9th Beavers and Cubs and took part in the carnival parade last summer.

Abigail’s mum said: “She has completed the full 1,000-mile walk through the year and managed to raise £586.25 for her chosen charity, the Rainforest Foundation UK.

“Abigail is very pleased, especially as Santa brought her a special medal for completing the challenge. She’d also like to thank everyone who has supported her.

“She’s now keen to continue to support good causes and is currently thinking what she can do through the year ahead.”

Abigail, who wants to become a gardener when she is older, first became interested in saving the world’s rainforests after learning about them at school just before last Christmas.

Her year group did a sponsored walk to raise funds.

Abigail even wrote to the Queen after last Christmas, saying she wanted to ‘go to the top’ to let her know of her upset at seeing trees taken away.

She received a reply from Her Majesty offering well wishes in her fundraising efforts.

King Offa Academy supported the schoolgirl by allowing her to wear a pedometer at school so she could walk at lunch times and by sharing her efforts.

Many businesses in town also offered the youngster help by displaying her leaflets and taking in donations.

The Rainforest Foundation UK aims to help indigenous peoples and forest communities around the world gain land and resource rights and help reduce deforestation activities, such as illegal logging and palm oil production.

Anyone wanting to make a donation to Abigail’s cause can visit her fundraising page online at