Billy left to rot at Lidsey landfill site

BILLY the whale, who died after beaching in Chichester Harbour, has been dumped in Lidsey landfill site.

Residents had hoped the skeleton of the 30ft whale could be preserved, but instead it has been left to rot. The decision was made by Hampshire County Council, who said no-one requested the mammal's body be preserved. Furious residents wanted to preserve the skeleton, or some of the bones in an exhibit similar to the River Thames whale which is at the Natural History Museum.

Rita Delahunty, landlady of The Ship Inn at Langstone, where the whale first beached, said: 'After all it's been through, it does seem a bit of an undignified end to put it in a hole.'

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Paul Fisher, chairman of Hayling Island Residents' Association, added: 'It is not very thoughtful.

'I think it ought to have been preserved.'

Billy the whale was put down following a huge battle to save it earlier this month. Tissue samples were taken from the body and are being analysed by the Zoological Society in London to determine the cause of death.

Asked why it had not been preserved, Diana Leahy, spokeswoman for environment at Hampshire County Council, said: 'The answer is simple '“ no-one requested this and those on site had to act quickly to minimise any risks to health and contamination of the area. Equally we just don't have the facility to be able to store the whale in case someone should want to preserve it.'

Experts said it costs several thousand pounds to preserve whale bones. Whale skeletons are usually preserved thanks to generous donations from whale-lovers.