Bognor most popular with those from overseas

Nearly six contacts from overseas clients a day were seen by the Arun expanding communities team last year.

The workload occurred during the first five months of the team's activity once it got going between last June and last November.

They were the most up-to-date figures given to councillors before they agreed to continue their funding.

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The statistics show that Bognor is the most popular place in the district for those from abroad to settle.

Of the 274 clients seen by the team in that period, 128 of them were living in the PO21 postcode area. A further 30 had settled in PO22.

The next most popular place was Littlehampton town centre with 71 clients. Polish migrants comprised just over half '“ 87 '“ of those living around Bognor.

Next most populous nationality was Lithuanians (22), followed by and Latvians (16).

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Brazilians also had a sizeable contingent of 15. Other nationalities in contact with the team were from Portugal, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Estonia and Venezuela.

The numbers do not include members of the clients' families, to mean the total number of those settlers across the district reaches 514.

Most of those seeking help had lived in the Arun district for at least three years. The majority planned to stay in the area for upwards of three years.

Of those helped by the team during that period, 47 worked in agricultural and 42 in hospitality. Horticulture, retail and factory work were next ahead of the 14 clients who were unemployed.

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