Camber Sands playshost to the stars again

Camber beach, 23/4/11. ENGSNL00120110426085252Camber beach, 23/4/11. ENGSNL00120110426085252
Camber beach, 23/4/11. ENGSNL00120110426085252
Camber Sands is the movie spot-light once again with Hollywood actor Kevin Costner filming scenes on the beach for the new film Criminal.

The Bodyguard actor has been shooting the film across different locations in the South East alongside co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds.

He was on the beach last week with actress Gal Gadot to shoot what appeared to be a romantic sequence, with the pair conversing up close and breaking into laughter.

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After being driven onto the beach by a green Jeep, the duo also chased around a young girl before Kevin treated her to a piggyback.

The actor was depicted with his arm in a blue sling for the shoot.

Recently the beach was used in the Hollywood blockbuster Monuments Men which starred George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Filming involved a crashed German fighter plane.