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Tony Piper who is very knowledgeable about butterflies and moths is concerned at the absence of butterflies and moths that have usually appeared during other summers.

He said that with just the odd periods of wet and dry weather , we have seen Red Admirals , Meadow Browns, large and small whites , One Green- Veined White was seen as well as only 1 Peacock and Bumble bees as well as Honey bees have had an extremely bad year so far.

We can only hope that we will not see the same decline as last year !

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As East Guldford does,nt have its own Village Voice I want to let you know that there is a new cafe opened on the Salts Farm site.It is called Beryls Cafe and it is run by Jenka and Anthony , Interestingly , both of them are chefs , Jenka is Russian and cooks Russian dishes. They are providing really interesting cuisine with an International flavour using locally sourced produce.

They are going to hold themed events in the evenings providing food from different countries .Look out for the advertising , We wish them well in their new venture!

It was very nice to hear that Shaun Carter from Denham Way was one of 12 athletes chosen from the Hastings and Rother district that will be joining others from the South East Region competing in next summers Special Olympics to be held in Bath . Shaun has attended several events so far, this year and will continue training hard , into 2013 to prepare for them.

The event lasts 5 days with 3 days of competitions and an opening and closing ceremony.

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Special Olympics Great Britain (SOGB) is the major provider of sporting opportunities for people with a learning disability and provides equality of opportunity for all of our athletes regardless of ability or degree of disability(. So Good luck Shaun.)

Just a reminder that there is no Parish meeting this month , next meeting is at 7.30pm on the 18th september.

White Sands Residents Association , are holding their meeting from 10.0am to 12.0am on 12th August at The Gallivant Marquee.

Kite Week 2012 , The legendary Kite returns again for the 4th year.

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The festivities commenced on the 4th August and will run until August 12th . There will be a BIg Finale Party on the 11th August featuring , Under The Covers , at The Camber Castle,

I understand there is lots going on and they have some camping facilities. Ask any of the kite surfers at Broomham carpark for info.

Camber Country at the Memorial Hall has Dave Keen performing. Who is a real crowd pleaser, and one of the favourite country artists that perform in the hall.

There is little church news this week apart from the usual Sunday service at 10.30am with a cup of tea afterwards.

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Just to remind you Dan our local PCSO can be contacted on 07796195639 if you have any concerns.

Please if you have any other items of news contact me on [email protected] or Twitter @Camber Village Voice

or drop a note through my letter box.

Chris Avery, 35 Denham Way

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