Campaign encourages Adur residents to reduce plastic use

A campaign launched by the Adur Green Party is calling on residents to pledge one permanent lifestyle change or action to reduce plastic use.

Plastic waste on the beach
Plastic waste on the beach

The Adur Plastic Pledge campaign comes in advance of International Earth Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday, April 22.

Residents, businesses and organisations are being asked to commit to one positive, permanent action to reduce use of plastics.

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This could involve finding an alternative to plastic bottles, using different takeaway coffee cups, buying loose vegetables or any other ideas.

Plastic waste on the beach

Andrew Bradbury, Adur Green Party Chair, said: “We’ve all seen the devastating impact of plastics upon ocean wildlife and the natural world but there is also growing concern about the impact of plastics on human health.

“Sometimes it’s easy to feel powerless before a tidal wave of plastic, but we, as Greens, believe that collective changes in consumer behaviour do have an impact on the decisions of companies and governments.

“That’s why we’re making The Adur Plastic Pledge and calling on people to join us.”

Residents and organisations will be able to make The Adur Plastic Pledge online through the Adur Green Party website and will receive a Pledge Certificate in recognition.

Mr Bradbury said: “We want there to be an online conversation about the different pledges under the hashtag #TAPP.

“We want to share imaginative and creative ideas for reducing plastic use across our local area”.

Visit the Adur Green Party’s website to find out more.