Caring mum to donate one of her kidneys ... to a stranger

A big-hearted mum - touched by the plight of kidney patients waiting for transplants - is to donate one of her kidneys to someone she doesn't even know.
Alice Green SUS-161228-155421001Alice Green SUS-161228-155421001
Alice Green SUS-161228-155421001

Student Alice Green, 41, decided on the move after attending a college lecture on human altruism. “One example they gave was donating a kidney to a stranger,” said Alice. “I didn’t even realise you could do that.”

Now Alice, who is studying to be a dietician at King’s College in London, is planning to undergo an operation to remove her kidney in August.

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But before the op, Alice, of Bedford Road, Horsham, is planning to run a DOUBLE marathon - a whopping 52 miles - to raise funds for Guy’s and St Thomas’s Kidney Patients’ Association.

Said Alice: “The hospitals support patients and their families with kidney disease and raise awareness about organ donation. Being on dialysis is draining and 300 people a year die whilst waiting for a kidney.”

Alice’s operation requires six weeks’ recovery during which she won’t be able to run. “As anyone who knows me will understand, I’m more worried about that than I am about the op,” she said.

And, she said, her daughter Iz, 15, and other family members were happy for her to donate her kidney. “Most of my family know that when I put my mind to something, it’s pointless to try and talk me out of it.”

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Alice said she wanted to raise awareness about organ donation and would have donated one of her kidneys sooner had she known about it. “I have seen people on dialysis and how it affects their quality of life and makes them unable to get on with things they want to do. I’m in a position to do something about it.”

Meanwhile, Alice - who took part in four marathons last year - is in training for running the London Marathon - twice - on April 23. She does 18-mile-long runs at weekends and is planning more lengthy mid-week runs to build up her stamina.

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