Celebrity Gossip, January 29: Keira Knightley - should have been Kiera!

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has admitted that her name is actually a typo caused by her mum’s rubbish spelling.

Thursday, 29th January 2015, 6:42 am
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The Imitation Game star told Elle magazine that her dad had envisaged his daughter’s name being spelled differently, but had sent her mum to register it which had led to the error.

She revealed: “I was meant to be named ‘Kiera’, after a Russian ice skater who was on the TV one day. My dad fancied her and nicked her name for me.

“But it was my mum who went to register my birth, and she accidentally spelled ‘ei’ instead of ‘ie’ because my mum’s c**p at spelling.

“What were they going to do, though? Once it’s on the piece of paper, it’s on the piece of paper. And that’s me. A spelling error.”

MIKE TYSON has revealed he took inspiration from MUSSOLINI for his recent collaboration with MADONNA.

The former boxer and Madge working together on music sounded unlikely enough, but now he has offered the even more surprising detail that he looked to the former Italian fascist leader for tips on how to perform.

He told Rolling Stone of the musical hook-up: “Madonna calls you and tells you to come somewhere, you go. I didn’t know what the hell I was going there for. I’m just there having a good time and hanging out with Madonna.

“She has her producer there and I go into the studio and I didn’t know if she wanted me to talk or rap. I just go in there and start talking. I’m talking about my life and things that I have endured. I’m saying some really crazy stuff. It was really intense.

“When I did it, I think about being some guy like [Benito] Mussolini and they’re really arrogant, but you try to come from a positive perspective and be uplifting. You watch Mussolini on television - even though we don’t understand what he’s saying - he is so mesmerising. I look at myself in that way.”

Mike went on: “I know people may say, ‘This guy’s a fascist’ and all this stuff, but man, you can take positivity from watching him.

“No wonder why Hitler was attracted to him. This guy’s a hypnotic figure. There’s so much pride behind what he’s saying. I’m not even Italian and I feel the pride he’s projecting. He had that street swag; he was doing this stuff with his hands and moving his head before it was even hip-hop.”

BEAR GRYLLS will push celebrities to their limits for his new ITV show Mission Survive.

The TV adventurer - who has led A-list stars including ZAC EFRON, BEN STILLER and CHANNING TATUM through the wilderness for his NBC show Running Wild With Bear Grylls - has signed up to front the new show in the UK.

Mission Survive will see Bear take eight celebrities - who are yet to be revealed - into the depths of the rainforest in Central America on a 12-day trek, during which they will compete for survival.

At the end of every episode Bear will eliminate one person, with just three taking part in the final to be named the Mission Survivor.

Bear said: “This show is all about empowerment and I am so proud of how the celebrity team who joined me on Mission Survive performed. It was without doubt a tough expedition, but also a very life-enhancing adventure for everyone involved.

“I would set them daily survival missions and would then regularly back away, leaving them to their own devices, so that they would learn by doing it and making mistakes.

“That’s the source of all genuine growth in a survivor. I was looking for the qualities that a survivor in a real-life scenario most needs: positivity, resourcefulness, courage, determination, and a whole heap of bloody mindedness!”