Chichester University students appeal to Jamie Oliver

An online campaign has been launched by students who want Jamie Oliver to overhaul the food at their university.

At the start of last week, students from the University of Chichester started a new hash-tag on social networking site Twitter.

Their aim was to get a visit from television chef Jamie Oliver, well-known for his nation-wide campaign against unhealthy school dinners.

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The hash-tag #Jamie4Chi was used in more than 60 tweets in three days.

The first tweet was by DEAN using the Twitter handle 
@DeanJ53. He wrote: 
“@jamieoliver please come to Chichester University and stop the catered students being fed preserved pizza and chips every night. #Jamie4Chi”

He later tweeted: “@jamieoliver Catered students from Chichester University are being forced to eat fatty foods full o’ preservatives! COME AND SAVE US! #Jamie4Chi”

Other Twitter users posted pictures of themselves in ‘wasting away’ and photographs of the canteen meals. Sinead, using the Twitter handle @SineadBL, wrote: “Jamie4Chi Jamie, I’d rather starve than eat from our canteen.”

She later posted a picture of one of her meals with the caption: “Heart attack on a plate seasoned with a pinch of pepper @jamieoliver #Jamie4Chi.”

David White, using the Twitter handle @Davewhite93, wrote: “@jamieoliver you’ve sorted out school dinner, now onto university dinners it will make a great new series #Jamie4Chi”.

A University of Chichester spokesman said they were pleased to hear the views of students on the food offered in the catered halls of residence.

“We are glad that our students are engaged in the healthy eating agenda.

“We always welcome feedback from students, which is why we’re running our Refreshers event on December 4, at which first-year students can voice their opinions and get information on a wide range of matters,” 
he said.

“Naturally if the students manage to get Jamie Oliver down for the event, we’d be delighted to have him here!”