Christian voices playOld Testament’s ‘Ezra’

Musical Drama Group, Christian Voices are to perform their latest biblical offering ‘Ezra, in churches and community centres throughout the local area this month.

‘Ezra’, based on the story from the Old Testament, is the first Christian Voices play directed by Nick Cearns, he said: “I was very pleased to be asked to direct ‘Ezra’. It is a play about faith and trust and the story is relevant today as it was in biblical times. I hope our audiences enjoy the play as much as we will enjoy performing it”.

Christian Voices was started in 2008 and ‘Ezra’ - written by Alan Young - will be the group’s 11th production, Alan said: “We have been able to continue due to the great support we have received from the local churches and the people who have come and seen our plays. We have tried to re-tell a bible story in an original and thought-provoking way through our drama and songs”.

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The songs for ‘Ezra’ were written by the group’s musical director, Dave Chamberlin. Dave said, “When Alan gave me the script, I wondered if I would have the usual inspiration to write another six songs. Fortunately, it was a pleasing read

and the songs came to me quickly. Hopefully, our audiences will feel that my songs complement Alan’s script to provide our interpretation of the story of Ezra.”

‘Ezra’ will be performed at: St Mary’s Church, Battle, Sunday February 16, 3pm; Bexhill United Reformed Church, Monday February 17, 7.45pm; Living Word Church, Bexhill, Wednesday February 19, 7pm; Beulah Baptist Church, Thursday February 20, 7.45pm; Ninfield Methodist Church, Saturday February 22, 3pm; St Peter’s Community Centre; Sunday February 23, 9.45am

Proceeds from the play will be donated to the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary.

For more information on Christian Voices visit the website at: