Cinnamon Trust cares for pets

Could you foster a cat temporarily or take a dog for a walk?

If so the Cinnamon Trust needs you - local volunteers to help care for pets when owners are unable to do so.

The organisation specialises in organising help for pets belonging to elderly people when frailty and illness mean they can't do it themselves, whether that's looking after a budgie while the owner has an operation, or picking up a faithful friend who needs a daily outing.

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Hazel Elrick of Wrestwood Road, with husband Clive, has been with the Cinnamon Trust for more than eight years thanks to the Bexhill Observer.

"Our dog Shamus, a german shepherd, died in 2000 - we never had another dog of our own. It would be difficult, because it's a big committment to take on another dog. But my niece Zara saw something in the Bexhill Observer about the Cinnamon Trust and that's how it started.

"We don't help out on a regular basis - just when something crops up and we can do it.

"I think the Cinnamon Trust is very good because they don't try to push you when you can't do something. You give them a broad idea of what you are likely able to do and when you are available. We can't help regularly but if they phone up and we are available that is when we do.

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"I think the organisation is very impressive and it is a good feeling - you get a lot out of being a volunteer because you have the advantage of contact with animals without longterm committment, and contact with people as well.

The Cinnamon Trust was registered in 1985 and has an established network of over 12,000 volunteers.

It's aim is to provide "peace of mind and practical help for people - love, care and safety for their pets."

The Cinnamon Trust steps in when any aspect of day to day care poses a problem for the owner by providing volunteer cover, and undertakes longterm care of the animal if needs be.

To find out more about the Cinnamon Trust call 01736 757900, or visit the website

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