COUNTY NEWS: Family's garden '˜demolished' after car collides with fence

A Sussex mum said she was shocked to find the back of her garden '˜demolished' on Sunday morning after a car collided with her fencing.

Sunday, 1st April 2018, 3:02 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 6:34 am
The damage to Beth Wrigley's garden. Picture: Beth Wrigley

Beth Wrigley, 26, of Barnsnap Close, Horsham, was at home with her husband and 22-month-old son when the car – which was travelling along North Heath Lane – collided with the fence panels.

Beth said her family slept through the incident – which police said happened shortly after midnight, on Sunday morning – but her husband discovered the damage at approximately 7.30am.

She said: “It is just a shock. You do not expect to see half your garden demolished.

“We have got a letter from Sussex Police so we contacted them to ask what happened. We don’t know the details but a car basically ploughed into the back of the gardens at about midnight. A few properties down the road have been affected but I would say ours was hit the most.

“When we woke up, there was police tape out the back of our garden but no sign of police officers.

“Some of our neighbours said they heard a bang but we didn’t hear anything. My son’s room is at the back of the property and even he didn’t wake up.”
After discovering the damage to her garden, Beth made an appeal on Facebook for help with fixing the fence.

She added: “My husband was out looking at the damage and a passer-by – a man and his son – walked past and my husband asked if he had a spare fence panel. He said he had a couple so what we have done is stick them up at the back of the garden for the time being.

“As we have a little boy in the house, we just wanted to make sure the back of our garden was secure.”

Beth and her husband are now in the process of clearing the remaining damage in their garden.
Beth said: “It is just a big inconvenience. We may have got the fence sorted but we have now got to clear up the rest.

“It is just the fact we have had to spend all morning clearing up the damage that is frustrating.”

Police have been approached for a comment.