COUNTY NEWS: Scrolls fly in for jobs at Harry Potter shop

Enchanting job applications have been flooding in ahead of the opening of a new wizarding shop next month.

Oliver Dall will open his shop next month
Oliver Dall will open his shop next month

Harry Potter-themed shop Oliver's Brighton will open in Trafalgar Street on November 11 and owner, Oliver Dall, is asking applicants to showcase their creativity.

“I wanted people to apply who have imagination and to show it off in any way they wanted, whether it was drawings or stories because I don’t really believe in CVs, especially for a shop like this,” Mr Dall said.

Mr Dall launched a scheme involving his pet bunny, Luna Leporem, who on the night of a full moon can metaphorically grant the wishes of those who rub her nose, as advertised when vacancies first opened.

Potter fans sent in their job applications to Oliver's Brighton in a number of creative ways

Applicants were asked to post their wishes by letter or by other creative means as their official application, which saw people from across the UK and America posting in.

More than 100 applications were sent to the store in under a month, containing handmade scrolls, wax sealed envelopes, paintings and cardboard cut-outs with one fan going as far as filming themselves dressed as an owl while delivering their letter to the shop.

Duties of the magic-team will include overseeing the upkeep of Oliver’s products such as wands, jewellery, books, pens, scarfs, sweets and other, official Harry Potter merchandise.

Elaine Lighten, 26, from Worthing, contributed a water-coloured poem as her application which proved to be very successful. She has been granted the only full-time position available at Oliver’s, as a wizard's apprentice.

“I’m so overjoyed to have the opportunity to share some magic with the people of Brighton.” said Miss Lighten.

Mr Dall said the recruitment process demonstrates the creativity he hopes to bring to his shop.

“The aim is to become as popular as Choccywoccydoodah, to reach their standard of quality, products and atmosphere,” he said.

Each applicant has received a reply thanking them for their time and effort while the part-timers await their fate to be called in for a second round of interviews.

In support of J.K Rowling’s children’s charity, Lumos, Mr Dall hopes to donate a percentage of the shop's annual profits.