Cowfold villagers take to stump to discuss speeding problems

Angry Cowfold residents fed up with drivers speeding through their village have called a public meeting for next Thursday January 31.

It will be held at St Peter’s School Hall in Potters Green at 7.30pm in order to come up with a way to improve road safety, especially for young children, before they suffer a major accident.

The meeting is being organised by Annemarie Miller, a concerned Cowfold mum.

Parent Richard Cooper, from Acorn Avenue, who has lived in the village since 2005, said it was time something was sorted out.

He added: “Generally the feeling is that people are starting to take action.”

He pointed to a strength of feeling within what is a tight-knit community, and had witnessed first-hand overtaking in a 30 mile per hour zone.

Other people had told him about near misses at the traffic lights as young children were crossing.

Parents have therefore put their heads together before Cowfold is the site of a major accident.

To view their Facebook page search for ‘Cowfold against speeding’.