Dangerous driver caught after 122mph police chase along A22 near Hailsham

A retired prison worker led police on a shocking 122mph pursuit along a busy road near Hailsham and narrowly avoided a horror crash.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5:41 pm
Burridge (inset) was spotted driving at speeds of up to 122mph on the A22 near the Boship roundabout. Picture: Google Streetview

Kim Burridge was hard to miss speeding along the A22 in his fluorescent orange sports car last year – especially by the police officer on an unmarked bike behind him.

Burridge was seen to pull up alongside a gold Mercedes and engage in a race along the dual carriageway in broad daylight.

When asked to explain his actions the father-of-two said he had feared the police officer was actually a ‘car-jacker’ who wanted to steal his beloved Caterham sports car.

Burridge leaving Hastings Magistrates' Court today

The 61-year-old father, of Park Avenue in Redhill, pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and resisting a police officer and was sentenced at Hastings Magistrates’ Court today.

Burridge 'gestured to Mercedes so they would race'

Prosecutor Paul Edwards told the court: “PC Nathan Langley was on duty on an unmarked police motorcycle on the A22 near Hailsham.

“An orange Caterham sports car drew PC Langley’s attention as it overtook the officer.”

Mind-boggling footage from PC Langley’s motorbike played in court today shows the orange Caterham car pull alongside a gold Mercedes.

Burridge then ‘gestured to the driver of the Mercedes so they would race’, the prosecutor said.

Near miss at Boship roundabout

Both cars speed up along the road before the Mercedes slowed down, leaving the Caterham to continue on and reach breath-taking speeds of up to 122mph.

Burridge reaches the Boship roundabout in lane two and dangerously cuts across another car on the outside lane as he takes the first exit.

He was subsequently stopped and arrested by police further along the A22, the court heard.

'Not the worst case of dangerous driving'

Madeleine Priestly, defending Burridge, said: “It is not the worst case of dangerous driving this court will have seen.

“It was clear. It was dry and volume was not heavy so therefore the risk posed to members of the public of injury or damage in my submission was low.”

She told the magistrates that driving is one of Burridge’s ‘three loves’ in his life, the others being his dogs and his fish.

Burridge was supported at the hearing by his wife of 40 years, who sat at the back of court.

Judge: 'It is a renowned busy road'

Sentencing Burridge, chairman of the bench Keith Bates said: “There are a lot of other cars on the road and it is a renowned busy road.

“You take the first [roundabout] exit directly in front of the car. Luckily the driver reacted very quickly and no damage was caused.”

Burridge was given a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for a year, and banned from driving for 18 months.

He must also pay prosecution costs and a victim surcharge, totalling £265.