Hate crime among spree of incidents in Selsey - 'This mindless vandalism in our lovely town has got to be stopped'

Multiple acts of vandalism have been reported across Selsey.

At least one business in the high street was targeted by vandals over the Easter weekend, whilst people's safety was potentially put at risk at East Beach, after life-saving rings in the pond were damaged.

Selsey Town Council said the water feature at Manor Green Park Sensory Garden was 'severely damaged'.

The council said it was 'incredibly disappointed' to find that the new recreation playground was also vandalised today (Tuesday, April 6).

Police have been informed about the spree of incidents across Selsey

"The police have been informed," a spokesperson said. "As the graffiti is offensive and considered a 'hate' crime the police are reviewing CCTV to identify the culprits.

"Our small maintenance team are working hard to remove the graffiti, this could take some time. The graffiti is so offensive we cannot post pictures of the damage."

On the Manor Green Park vandalism, the council added: "This area contains plants and features to enhance the senses specifically smell, sound and touch.

"The Sensory Garden volunteers do an outstanding job of maintaining this area for those that enjoy quiet reflection."

The council said it has informed the police, who will 'step up their patrols' and are reviewing CCTV to identify the culprits.

"We implore our residents to please report any anti-social behaviour to the police in the first instance and then to Selsey Town Council.

"This behaviour results in additional spending for the town council and has a knock on effect on the need to raise our precept."

High Street pub, The Crab Pot, has also been targeted.

Owner Edward Sye said the damage will be expensive to fix but is confident of still being ready to reopen on April 12.

"This could be devastating to my business in what has already been challenging times," he said.

"Please help if you can if you saw anything at all.

"This mindless vandalism in our lovely town has got to be stopped or it could be your business or property next."

Meanwhile, a local resident reported 'disgusting behaviour and criminal damage' at East Beach on Monday afternoon.

He added: "All the life-saving rings have been vandalised and one is currently floating in the middle of the pond also one missing. Have to ask why!

"What do the kids get from destroying stuff especially life saving equipment? For one vandalising life rings is potentially putting lives at risk."

Have you been affected by recent acts of vandalism and anti-social behaviour in Selsey? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]