'I can barely drive, it's not safe at night' - Emma Downs guilty of killing two men by careless driving near Lewes

She will be sentenced at Lewes Crown Court this afternoon
She will be sentenced at Lewes Crown Court this afternoon

Mum of six Emma Downs has been found guilty of causing the deaths of two men by careless driving near Lewes.

Matthew Lind and James Morden, both 31, were walking back from a pub near Lewes with friends just after sunset when they were tragically killed in the crash in September 2017.

She has now been sentenced - click here to read the new story

Emma Downs, 38, of Sussex View Close in Crowborough, has been standing trial charged with causing their deaths by careless driving at Lewes Crown Court this week.

Click here to read the prosecution opening, where texts such as ''I can barely drive, it’s not safe at night’ that Downs sent in the days before the crash were read out.

When questioned in the witness box however, Downs said the texts referred to other things and said she had no trouble seeing in the dark.

Earlier this morning the jury was sent out to consider their verdict, but have now returned.

The public gallery was packed with friends and family of the two young men who died, eager to hear the result of the four-day trial.

After less than an hour of deliberation, the jury found Downs guilty of both counts.

There were tears in the public gallery when the verdict was read out.

Downs was remanded in custody and was sentenced this afternoon. Click here to read what happened