'I could feel the hot blood gushing' - Shoreham woman describes terrifying moments after partner slit her throat

A woman has spoken of her shock when her ‘caring, loving’ boyfriend walked in and slit her throat while she was in the bath.

The alleged incident took place in September 2018
The alleged incident took place in September 2018

Sarah Harries told police that Liam Hanley brought a six inch knife into the bathroom and started attacking her, a court has heard.

She suffered up to 39 stab wounds in what she describes as a ‘constant battle’ throughout her flat.

But paramedics got to her in time to take her to hospital for surgery and she survived.

Armed officers were called as part of the police response

Hanley, 32, unemployed and of no fixed address, denies attempted murder following an incident in Sussex Wharf in Shoreham on September 4, 2018.

Strange look on Liam Hanley’s face as he walked into the bathroom

Today jurors were played video of police interviewing Miss Harries shortly after the alleged attack.

Sporting a large bandage on her left arm, Miss Harries described how Hanley walked into the bathroom with a strange look on his face she had never seen before.

She said: “That was what really scared me.

“I did not have a chance to think. He grabbed my hair and slit my throat.”

‘Ssh be quiet’

The 39-year-old told police that Hanley also tried to push her head down towards the water, saying ‘ssh be quiet’.

Miss Harries said: “I remember asking him why. What’s he doing? Why is he doing this?”

‘It was like a constant battle’

She told the detective that she does not remember how she got out of the bathroom, saying that the attack eventually moved into the kitchen.

“It is like a constant battle throughout the whole flat. It was manic.”

Prosecutor Rachel Beckett told the court yesterday that Miss Harries suffered up to 39 wounds in the ‘ferocious attack’.

‘I could feel the blood gushing’

Watching the video, the jury heard Miss Harries describing the moment she realised she was in trouble.

“I just felt the hot sensation of the blood pouring out. I could feel the hot blood gushing.

“I thought I am in trouble now.”

Eventually Hanley left the flat and Miss Harries was able to call 999.

“My first [thought] was put that latch down so he did not have a chance to come back and finish the job.”

Victim: Hanley was ‘the most caring, loving guy’ before the attack

Miss Harries told the detective that one of the most shocking things about the attack was that Hanley had always been a loving partner.

“He was like the most caring, loving guy.”

She told the police officer that Hanley ‘loves kids’ and has some of his own.

Liam Hanley denies a charge of attempted murder. The trial continues.