MPs urge Home Secretary to act on 'violent crime' in Brighton and Hove

The city's three MPs have written to the Home Secretary asking for a task force to tackle violent crime in Brighton and Hove.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid (Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)Home Secretary Sajid Javid (Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Home Secretary Sajid Javid (Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Peter Kyle (Labour, Hove), Caroline Lucas (Green, Pavilion) and Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Labour, Kemptown), signed the letter to minister Sajid Javid spelling out concerns over 'rising rates of violent crime in the city'.

They said in Brighton and Hove, recorded violent crime has risen by 108 per cent since 2011, with more than 5,739 incidents of violence recorded in the first quarter of 2019.

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The number of recorded sexual offences and incidents of domestic violence have also increased, the MPs added.

The letter to Sajid Javid said: “We are in close touch with our local police force and we are assured that they are doing the best job they can in circumstances which are unprecedentedly difficult.

"But despite their professionalism and dedication, without the proper resources it simply isn’t enough. This is a national emergency which is playing out on the streets of our constituencies and we implore you to take urgent and decisive action.

"Nothing can be more serious than the security of our constituents and the safety of our streets and communities, and we are urging you to set up a taskforce on violent crime for Brighton and Hove, as part of a comprehensive strategy both to prevent these crimes from happening and tackle their root causes.”