Sussex Police welcomes dozens more officers to the force at attestation ceremony

Dozens more individuals are beginning a new career with Sussex Police.

A further 59 individuals were welcomed to the force at a recent attestation ceremony, following on from the 67 new starters in January.

The event was held on Wednesday, April 3 at East Sussex National Hotel in Uckfield.

Of the 59 new recruits, 28 are joining the Initial Police Learning Development Programme (IPLDP+), a non-degree route now offered alongside other entry routes, providing a greater choice to aspiring police officers.

Meanwhile, 14 are joining the Detective Constable Degree Holder Entry Programme (DC DHEP) and 17 are taking the Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) route, which results in a degree while learning and earning.

Three of the new officers have shared why they have chosen policing as a career.

Kasia Zablocka, who is taking the DDHEP route, said: “For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by crime and police shows whether it was CSI Miami or Criminal Minds.

“There was never one specific light bulb moment where I realised I wanted to join the police; it was something that I just always knew and worked towards.

“When I found the detective degree holder entry route during my criminology and forensic psychology degree it was almost as if it was made for me. I was going to do whatever it took for me to get onto it.

“The past few weeks since I have joined I have felt more like myself than I have ever before, knowing I am doing what I have always wanted to do. There is a real sense of community within the force and it is an honour to be a part of it.

“I have no doubts that I have made the right decision and I am excited to finally start making a difference in society, no matter how small it is.”

Alex Maw, who is taking the PCDA route, said: “I studied law, psychology and criminology at A-Level and wanted to join the police for most of my life.

“My dad joined the Met, did a few years there, then transferred to Brighton before retiring in 2006 which really inspired me to join up. I handed in my application and did the whole recruitment process which took a while during my final year of college.

“The entry requirements for the PCDA were a massive motivation boost for me to do well in my exams, and it has been something I've been very excited for since day one of recruitment.

“I've always wanted to help those who are vulnerable, and although it sounds cliché I wanted to make a difference in my community by providing a service people can trust and rely on.

“Despite recent controversies, I wanted to show people that the police as an institution and service is something people can have faith and trust in, and the few rotten apples don't represent the service as a whole.”

Alicia Rocchiccioli, who is taking the IPLDP+ route, said: “My first experience of Sussex Police was when I was in my first years class at primary school. Officers came in, took ink fingerprints from us and had us locate and catch the ‘baddie’ in the playground so he could be arrested and taken to custody.

“From this point I became interested in the police and much later on, at college, I studied Public Services with the intention to join as a Constable when I turned 18.

“Unfortunately, I faced some setbacks with my application between turning 18 and the present day, but I was determined to become a police officer and pursue my career, so persisted with my application until I was successful.

“During that time a role within police custody came up and I jumped at the opportunity to gain some policing experience and get my foot in the door. I stayed in custody for four years and found it to be one of the most enlightening and exciting departments I’ve worked within.

“However, when the option to join as a police officer without the degree programme was again put in place, it was time to reapply and this time, I was successful.

“It may sound clichè but I truly believe I can make an impact. Maybe not on the whole of Sussex Police or all members of the public, but I will make sure to instil confidence in the members of the public that I deal with and provide an outstanding service.”

Chief Constable Jo Shiner said: “I am delighted to welcome another 59 officers to the force, and I am confident they will help us to continue to achieve our priorities of protecting communities, catching criminals and delivering an outstanding service.

“Sussex Police is a diverse and inclusive workplace, and these individuals should know that they will be valued and supported as they progress their careers with us.

“While they may come from a variety of different backgrounds, it is clear that they share one thing in common: a desire to make a difference.

“I am honoured they have chosen to represent our force and I wish them every success.”

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne added: “It is always such a momentous day for new recruits with their families and friends watching as they are sworn in to Sussex Police.

“Throughout the last year, Sussex Police have made it more accessible for new officers to join the force by offering a variety of entry routes and reaching a more diverse range of candidates.

“This definitely helps Sussex Police attract recruits with different experiences and from varied professional backgrounds – hopefully reflecting the communities they serve.

“Each officer who took their oath on April 3 should be extremely proud. I am grateful to every one of them for taking the decision to help and protect others and I have no doubt that they will make a real difference to our county.”