Sussex residents warned about two latest types of crime

Two latest ongoing types of crime, reported in parts of the county, have been flagged up by Sussex Neighbourhood Watch

Students warned
Students warned

Firstly, one of the Watch co-ordinators was telephoned by a lady who told her that her bank wanted to return an amount of interest owing to her.

The caller quoted the co-ordinator’s name and address.

The co-ordinator then asked the caller which bank or building society this returned interest would be coming from.

The caller said she didn’t have that information and when the co-ordinator started to ask more questions the line went dead.

Sussex Neighbourhood Watch say the calls can sound very plausible but be very cautious about giving personal information if somebody phones you.

Secondly, keep your car keys safe.

Sussex Neighbourhood Watch say there is a recognised type of burglary where offenders will enter your home purely to steal your keys in order to take your car.

Remember to hide your keys and handbag, and do not leave them or other valuables by or in sight of the front door or windows.