Cross with St George: row flares up over world cup prank

A WORLD Cup prank backfired after a Scotsman returned from holiday to find his house re-decorated with a giant George Cross.

The initially furious Scotsman and his wife, of Cantelupe Road, contacted police on Wednesday, June 9, to report the pebbledash paint-job, which was carried out by friends from Bexhill Rowing Club.

An anonymous source from the rowing club told the Observer the situation may have been worsened by the couple having recently spent thousands on a weather-proof coating for their home.

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The house has since been restored and the source said club members were hoping that was an end to the stormy row.

"We think the remedial work is finished and the couple might be beginning to smile about it," said the source.

"From hearing what was involved, it was never their intention to leave it like that. It was a joke that went too far."

A police spokesman said: "The suspects for what is believed to be an elaborate practical joke have been identified, but it is believed that they are currently abroad.

"They will be spoken to upon their return with regard to a report of criminal damage."

Despite being second seed in Group 9, Scotland failed to qualify for the World Cup.