'Dangerous' crowds at railway station after Pride

Passengers heading back home from Pride were caught up in huge queues outside Brighton station this evening (August 4).

The scenes at Brighton station
The scenes at Brighton station

Britney's headline set finished at 10.30pm, and passengers reported 'dangerous' scenes as crowds flocked to Brighton station.

Sarah Garvey, travelling to London, said: "It was dangerous. There was no crowd control. Organisation was really poor. There was no information given. We were standing on rubbish. People were angry and pushing, it was scary. We waited for 45 minutes then they opened the gates and everyone pushed through and I walked through broken glass.

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"Then everyone was running down the platforms panicking. Everyone thought they'd missed their last train."

The scenes at Brighton station

Laura Cress said: "Managed to get there before the worst of it but as the 10.48 train to London arrived and we got on they opened the barriers to hoards of people they had queued up in a back log at the barriers - we knew this because we heard a huge roar as everyone ran for the train!"

Ian Goodsell said: "It was really awful. I'll be very surprised if no one is very hurt from it. Really dangerous."

Southern Rail said on its Twitter page: "#Brighton station may be closed at short notice due to overcrowding. Speak to station staff for further information #SNUpdates"

The crowds at Brighton station after Pride (Photograph: Eddie Mitchell)

Sussex Police‏ said: "Brighton Railway Station is very busy. If you are waiting for a train, please be patient and listen to the announcements being made. @BTP , supported by us, are controlling the crowd to ensure the safety of everyone. Please stay with your friends, keep calm and keep hydrated."

Brighton and Hove Buses said: "Due to an incident at Brighton Station, all services are currently unable to serve Brighton Station, Queens Road or Terminus Road, all services are therefore currently on diversions or terminating short. Apologies."

Just before 1pm, British Transport Police Sussex tweeted: "#Brighton station is currently extremely busy - we’re working to get you home safely. Please stay calm and listen for announcements."

'People were pushing and being crushed'

Steven Gillick shared his story and said: "Firstly we left straight after Britney, got to Brighton station around 11pm. The crowds were already huge from all directions. The station gates had been closed and were only opened a couple of times to let limited few through at a time. People were pushing and being crushed, pregnant ladies and children too. There was no niceties and there was even talk of people surging to knock the gates down.. It was dangerous and uncontrolled. "We waited until 12.10am and physically couldn’t stand there in the middle any longer, being hot, crushed and starting to feel unwell. We had already missed a couple of trains and it wasn’t looking likely that we would get in the station to make another at 1.05am. The staff then started handing water to people realising things were starting to get serious. "As we walked away we saw the police heading up the main road, but until this time there was no real presence or crowd control of any kind. There didn’t appear to be any extra trains provided either, which would have been beneficial given the volume of people expected! "We tried calling tons of local cabs with no luck.. Maybe unsurprisingly Uber also had a surge on their pricing.. a cab to East Croydon that would usually cost £120 was surged to £358-£463.. Daylight robbery! "Subsequently we walked the streets for an hour or so and then decided to hear back to the station and see what was happening. We managed to get in with some more queuing (which the police were now controlling), but could only get half way home so we still ended up having to get a cab from Three Bridges, which wasn’t cheap! Thankfully I’m now home and in my bed at 3.41am.. five hours after I left the concert, however still £47 lighter. "All in all Southern rail have yet again failed. Failed to meet expectations, standard of service and completely unprepared for the volume of people. No doubt they will not compensate people for losses or expenses incurred as these will no doubt be ;exceptional circumstances', and their get out of jail free card!"

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