Decision on Vestry's hours is pushed back

A decision on the opening hours of The Vestry has been pushed back by a month.
The Vestry. Picture via Google MapsThe Vestry. Picture via Google Maps
The Vestry. Picture via Google Maps
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The Vestry applies for extended hours

Approval of the application (19/00277/FUL) would see an extension on the pub's opening hours to 2.30am. A planning restriction on the building says The Vestry should close at 12am.

In a letter from Andrew Frost, the director of planning and licencing at Chichester District Council, the agent for the Vestry's planning application was told the application had not yet been decided due to necessary ongoing discussion.

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Part of the letter read: "Whilst every endeavour has been made to reach a decision on your application within the statutory time it has unfortunately not been possible."

The original target date for determination of the application was March 26 and the agent has been asked to confirm extension until April 23.

Earlier this month, bar manager Charlie Rose said she was 'completely ecstatic' at the positive response from residents backing their application. If the Vestry is successful in its planning application, Charlie said it would hold a 'big old party'.

"There are some bank holidays in April so we would definitely hold some day and night parties to celebrate that we would be able to stay open. "I think it is everyone's interest — it would be almost saving 50 people's jobs."

Unfortunately, the extension of the application's deadline would miss the April bank holidays.