Man moves from Spain to Hailsham and becomes police officer

A 44-year-old man from Hailsham moved away from Spain and has now become a police officer.

Marcos Miranda left Spain following the financial crisis in 2009.

Marcos said, “I graduated with a degree in geophysics however after not being able to obtain a job within this field I became a police community support officer (PCSO) within Sussex Police, where I completed my apprenticeship with a double distinction – which isn’t bad considering I’m dyslexic and started learning English when I was over 30!

“Working as a PCSO gave me the confidence to achieve what I intend.

Marcos Miranda. Photo from Sussex Police. SUS-220114-100235001

“Sussex Police has been a very supportive employer where I have felt valued and I’m looking forward to doing the fast track programme to becoming a detective. If you had told me seven years ago this is where my career would be heading, I would not have believed you!”

Marcos was one of the 76 new recruits to be sworn in at a ceremony on December 11 at East Sussex National Golf Club.

According to Sussex Police, it’s the largest intake to the force in recent years and for the first time, sees more women (53.6 per cent) join through this route than men.

Chief constable Jo Shiner said, “To welcome another large cohort of officers is extremely positive and reassuring to the people of Sussex. It was thoroughly enjoyable to meet the recruits who are from a variety of different backgrounds and life experiences, which we hope can benefit them in their new career.”

Sussex Police Attestation taking place at the East Sussex National Golf Club, UK. Photograph by Sam Stephenson. SUS-220114-100218001