Developers seem to get away with doing what they like

Some weeks ago you printed a letter from someone concerned at over-development in the county without the infrastructure needed to support it.

Friday, 27th December 2019, 11:14 am
Picture by Pixabay

In reply someone from Wealden Planning Department, in the strange language these people use to justify their actions, (I wonder how they communicate with their families?) cited various instances of local authorities like his busily moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic before disaster strikes.

It would be useful if the same individual could explain why, in Wealden, if an ordinary householder tries to improve his home in any way, then the full force of the planning department, with its many rules and regulations, will be turned on him whereas if a developer wants to build 200 or so houses, he might be waved through without question with planning permission.

Equally, perhaps someone from East Sussex County Council Highways could explain why at Ridgewood near Uckfield, Taylor Woodrow is allowed to site an access point to a large estate on a bend – agreed in a letter to me by the leader of the council to be dangerous?

Perhaps your readers could do what I intend to do at the next council elections when the current lot seek re-election and tell them to go and see the developers.

Roy Harris,

Swift Close