Diverse Crawley banner unveiled at Town Hall

A colourful banner representing the multitude of nationalities in Crawley has been unveiled at the Town Hall.
Councillor Michael Jones in front of the Diverse Crawley bannerCouncillor Michael Jones in front of the Diverse Crawley banner
Councillor Michael Jones in front of the Diverse Crawley banner

Diverse Crawley commissioned local artist Sam Murray to create the 2m x 1m fabric banner to mark the 75th anniversary of Crawley becoming a new town in 2022. It was displayed at festivals and events during the anniversary year and now serves as a legacy banner in the foyer of the Town Hall.

The Diverse Crawley committee gathered fabrics representing community members’ countries of origin and culture, representing the mix of nationalities in the

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town, and words of congratulations in more than 30 languages, which are captured in the side panels.

Members of the Diverse Crawley CommitteeMembers of the Diverse Crawley Committee
Members of the Diverse Crawley Committee

The piece represents a visual timeline from 1947 to 2022, with Crawley’s 14 emerging neighbourhoods appearing on the banner as coloured ribbons.

Councillor Michael Jones, Leader of Crawley Borough Council, said: “I’m delighted that this beautiful piece of artwork, which represents our town, its people and our neighbourhoods so well, is on display in the Town Hall for all to see.

“I’m very proud that the council has been able to play a small part in Diverse Crawley’s success and indirectly help with the creation of this banner through grant funding for events and art activities over the last two years.”

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Marilyn Le Feuvre, Diverse Crawley Co-Founder and Chair, said: “It was an emotional moment to see our legacy banner permanently installed in a prominent place in the new Town Hall for everyone to appreciate Crawley's diversity – including generations to come.

“Special thanks to all who sponsored, supported and made this possible.

For more information about Diverse Crawley visit diversecrawley.org.uk