Doctor Embroiled in Bali Outrage

A DOCTOR from Arundel and her new husband abandoned their honeymoon in Bali to help victims of the weekend's terrorist bomb attacks.

While junior doctor Eugenie McCreanor, n e Gibbs, 31, helped relatives identify the remains of their loved ones, her husband John, who's 29 and a policeman, organised the mortuary.

Speaking from Bali they said: "Our honeymoon is supposed to be 100 per cent perfect, but we couldn't have just sat on the beach and done nothing.

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"I felt really upset after seeing the pictures of the bodies, and having to show them to their relatives was horrific," Eugenie said.

"We are just pleased we were able to help in some way."

The couple, who married 11 days ago at St Nicholas' Church in Arundel, live in Darlington, where Eugenie is due to begin work as a GP soon and John is a policeman.

Hilary and Geoff Gibbs, who live in Arundel, heard about the explosion, which tore through two nightclubs killing at least 187 people, at 9pm on Saturday evening, but couldn't get hold of their daughter until the following morning.

"I didn't want to panic but we didn't get much sleep that night," said Mrs Gibbs.

"It was a very tense time.

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"We eventually got hold of them on the Sunday morning and they told us what they had decided to do.

"To be honest, I didn't expect any different from them.

"They were only staying a couple of miles away from where the bombs went off.

"They did what they thought was right.

"Instead of coming home, they wanted to stay and do as much as they could to help, like so many other volunteers.

"I've spoken to Eugenie and she said it was chaotic but everyone was helping each other.

"It was terribly distressing for everyone.

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"As far as I know, John was working with other volunteers, organising the mortuary and Eugenie was helping relatives identify the dead, sometimes just from body parts.

"They are both very brave and I'm very proud of them."

Mrs Gibbs said she hoped the couple would be able to organise a second honeymoon after they returned home tomorrow (Friday).

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