Doctor's shocked after man back on his bike five days after getting new knees

Doctors were astounded when a retired man got back on his bike just five days after an operation to replace his arthritic knees.

Roy Parker, a former project manager, said he felt ‘cheated’ after just a couple of years of retirement when the arthritis in his knees became so bad he had to give up his beloved cycling and hiking.

Roy, 68, said: “I was able to do less and less as my knees – and the pain – got worse.

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“I spent more and more time in the house, I knew it wasn’t something I could put up with.

“I decided enough was enough and my GP referred me to consultant orthopaedic surgeon James Lewis.

“Once he’d thoroughly examined me Mr Lewis decided the best course of action was successive knee replacements.”

Roy had both knees replaced within three weeks of each other at BMI The Goring Hall Hospital.

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He stunned hospital staff when he cycled from home to his routine two-week check-up appointment and revealed that he had been using his bike soon after going under the knife.

Mr Lewis said Roy’s rapid recovery was down to the advanced techniques used in both surgeries at the hospital, but added that not all patients ride a bike so quickly.

Mr Lewis said: “I carried out Roy’s replacements using a combination of innovations, which together created the optimal environment for the speedy and impressive recovery.

Roy said: “I wasn’t prepared to settle for sitting in the house every day doing nothing and Mr Lewis has helped me change my future

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“I’m still recovering from surgery, so clearly there is still some pain, but already it’s less than the arthritic pain before the operations.

“I don’t need to take anything stronger than paracetamol.

“These new knees have given me back the life I love.”

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