Donald Trump's face appears in smashed wall of Sussex man's garden

We have all heard the story of Jesus' face being seen on a slice of toast - but what about Donald Trump's face in a garden wall?

Can you see the likeness? Picture: Dave Wax
Can you see the likeness? Picture: Dave Wax

While the 45th president of the United States of America sets his sights on the Mexico border, perhaps he should be looking to East Sussex to find his coveted wall.

Dave Wax from Glynde, near Lewes, is the proud owner of the bizarre new attraction - created after a branch smashed into the garden wall of his property last week.

He described the occurrence as 'rather remarkable'. He said: "Last week as Donald Trump was on the radio banging on about his wall I heard this mighty crack and looked out of the kitchen window just in time to see a big branch fall off a chestnut tree and smash into my garden wall.

Can you see the likeness? Picture: Dave Wax

"This garden wall is made of stone and brick, and it took a mighty wallop to smash it and mighty whallop indeed it turned out to be, for the wall was now smashed like a knife through butter.

"But here is the peculiar thing, imagine my amazement when I saw that the smashed wall was now presenting a perfect silhouette of none other than President Donald Trump himself!

"So it seems Trump’s Wall is here in East Sussex!

"Now what are the chances of that?"

We would approach the president for his response - but we have the feeling his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has bigger fish to fry.

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