Eastbourne window cleaner has cardiac arrest just before playing football

An Eastbourne window cleaner collapsed just before playing football earlier this month and has been in hospital ever since.
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Graham Webb, known to many as Webby, was about to play football on January 4 when he collapsed due to a cardiac arrest, his family confirmed. Today (Friday, January 14) is his 40th birthday.

Gabbie Gamble is Graham’s partner and her mother, Julie Menia, has set up a funding page.

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Julie said, “At the start of this new year, 2022, we all had so much to look forward to, then things changed in a heartbeat, literally.

Graham with his mum Annette. SUS-220114-160225001Graham with his mum Annette. SUS-220114-160225001
Graham with his mum Annette. SUS-220114-160225001

“On Tuesday January 4, Gabbie’s future dreams with her partner Graham Webb (aka Webby) were turned upside down when he suffered a cardiac arrest. Words cannot express how grateful we all are to his friends who were present that evening, for their actions in caring for him until the ambulance arrived and all the messages since.”

Graham runs ‘A Glass Act’ window cleaning services in the town and has also travelled abroad playing as a DJ.

Julie said, “He is a massive Liverpool FC fan, he is a kind, caring, generous funny loveable, and genuinely nice guy that you could ever wish to meet. He fought a tough and hard battle with meningitis some years ago, stunning the doctors with his strength and determination, it was a miracle he survived and had to learn to do basic skills all over again, demonstrating his stubbornness to quit or give up.”

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She said Graham has been undergoing tests ever since he collapsed and is currently on a ventilator in the DGH intensive care unit.

Graham Webb and Gabbie GambleGraham Webb and Gabbie Gamble
Graham Webb and Gabbie Gamble

On Wednesday (January 12) Julie said Graham has been taken off strong sedation and doctors expect him to become more responsive. Another MRI is planned for next week and doctors have told Graham’s family he has brain damage and will be in hospital for weeks.

She said, “The impact this traumatic situation is having is unimaginable, and at this moment in time, extremely difficult to process or comprehend, with a rollercoaster of ups, and downs for Gabbie, Webby’s family, and all that know and love him.

“Whilst the uncertainty for Webby’s future lies in the balance, we are trying to remain positive, and pray for his recovery.”

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Annette Webb, Graham’s mum, said, “I’m so proud of how many friends have got in touch about him, friends from all over the world have been in touch thinking of him. We’re so grateful for what everyone is doing for Graham.

Graham Webb (right) with Larry Webb (father, centre) and Ryan Webb (brother, left) SUS-220117-153327001Graham Webb (right) with Larry Webb (father, centre) and Ryan Webb (brother, left) SUS-220117-153327001
Graham Webb (right) with Larry Webb (father, centre) and Ryan Webb (brother, left) SUS-220117-153327001

“He is one of the nicest people and I’m so proud of him. He’s one of those people that will do anything for anyone, he acts tough but he’s the cuddliest person ever.”

In terms of Graham’s fight with meningitis she said, “He’s always been so strong, it’s a miracle and that he’s even here.”

Annette said his family ‘adore’ him, with his niece and nephew ‘doting on him’.

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Current covid restrictions mean only one person can visit Graham for an hour per day. Despite this, Annette said, “The hospital has been fantastic, all the nurses are absolutely fabulous, we’ve been so lucky, they’re really reassuring.

“It will be a slow process but we’ve got our fingers crossed we get some responses soon.”

Nathan Bishop, one of Graham’s best friends, said, “Throughout the time I’ve had the pleasure of being his friend, he has been the most loyal, stubborn, trustworthy, hard-working breath of fresh air in my life. I can’t wait to share a laugh with him once more.”

Julie hopes the funding page will help Graham find more suitable ground-floor accommodation as he currently lives in a top-floor flat with no lift and has no income protection cover.

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She said, “I am hoping to raise enough funds to minimise the effect of the financial strain and assist with anything that will aid his recovery and improve his quality of life.

“No matter how small a donation you can make, it could make such a huge impact on his future, and we would be forever indebted to you.

“God bless, and thank you all for the wonderful messages of support.”

Today (January 17) Julie said, “Over the weekend there has been an improvement which we are all excited and emotional about. His sedation has been reduced again, and he’s starting to respond to commands. This means so much!! Larry Webb and Ryan Webb, his father and brother, had been struggling seeing him, but the recent improvement has given them so much hope.

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“The daily update this morning with nursing staff, informed us his temperature is back up and struggling to clear his chest infection, and back on strong sedation. We know we’re on a long road, with many ups and downs ahead, but all the support and well wishes keep our spirits up.”