Beachgoers leave tonnes of rubbish and park on pavements in Shoreham

Tonnes of rubbish was left by beachgoers over the weekend as temperatures soared across the county.

It sparked a warning from Adur & Worthing Councils, which shared pictures on its Facebook page of overflowing bins.

A spokesman for the councils said: “Thank you to everyone who does dispose of their rubbish sensibly or who takes it home, sadly not everyone does.

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“In the summer, bins in Adur are emptied up to three times a day and in Worthing up to four times a day because of the number of visitors.

The rubbish left at Widewater Lagoon Car Park in Lancing

“Extra 240-litre sized bins are also placed on the seafront.

“We are glad to see visitors and locals alike out and about enjoying the summer but we are asking people to be sensible.”

Between May and September, the councils’ refuse staff collect around 468.86 tonnes of non domestic rubbish, roughly 3,240kg per day in Adur, and for Worthing 9,288kg per day. That is the equivalent of the weight of seven Ford Fiesta’s in Worthing every day.

The spokesman added: “Please don’t leave litter strewn across our parks and beaches but also please don’t leave it next to bins. If it can’t be placed in a particular bin, find another or take it home with you. Leaving it out exposes it to seagulls and scavengers and creates environmental pollution.”

Cllrs Joe Pannell and Andy McGregor cleaning up the rubbish at Widewater Lagoon Car Park in Lancing

District councillor for Widewater Ward Joe Pannell said on Sunday, he and councillor Andy McGregor were alerted to an excessive amount of rubbish left at Widewater Lagoon Car Park.

“We are urging people if the bins are full please could people take their rubbish home with them,” said Mr Pannell.

“It is a great place we have so close by to enjoy and it’s a shame a few people ruin it for the rest.”

Meanwhile, Shoreham-By-Cycle shared a video on its Facebook page of cars parked everywhere at Shoreham beach – with some blocking pavements.

An overflowing bin on Worthing seafront. Picture: Adur & Worthing Councils

“It’s not fair on residents,” it said, adding that people should walk or cycle instead.

“It’s not fair on people who really have no choice but to use a car – and, let’s face it, it’s a bit of a headache for you yourself, driving and parking in this chaos.

“It could be easier for you, and it helps save parking spaces and pavements for people who need them.”

Picture: Adur & Worthing Councils
Cllr Andy McGregor cleaning up the rubbish left at Widewater Lagoon Car Park in Lancing