Sussex residents take to social media to share their views on the litter problem across East and West Sussex and what can be done about it

Should residents do more to keep our streets clean or should it be solely the council’s responsibility?

This is the debate across our newspaper Facebook pages this week.

Many said they would like to see more street cleaners.

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Philip Williams from Eastbourne said: “At least street cleaners would give some poor soul a job and a wage, it might not be a big wage but to some people it might be better than nothing?”

This is how much litter was picked up in 30 minutes

However, other readers had different ideas.

Sandra Parrott from Eastbourne said: “All those toe rags the police catch and get suspended sentences should be made to pay something back to the community. Cleaning their local streets would be an ideal punishment.”

Lesley Moriarty added: “Get those doing community service doing it."

Some residents have taken matters into their own hands.

Lindsay White from Bexhill wrote: “Community Supporters did a litter pick on bank holiday Monday, straight after the bin collection, and we collected four sacks in just a road and a half.”

Worthing’s Ross Dumbrell wrote: “I've done similar in my area and filled a carrier-bag with recyclable goods from the floor within a 5x minute walk...some people just have no respect for the area they live in!”

Carole Molloy wrote: “Back in the day everyone kept the bit outside their homes clean, as did all shopkeepers.”

Phil Watts added: “It’s a generation thing. We swept our pavements and cleared the snow when we were kids and still do.”

But not everyone was happy at the thought of having to clean outside their home.

Shaun Hole from Worthing wrote: “OK I'll clean up outside my house... Should the appropriate deduction be made from my Council Tax. I don't drop any rubbish outside my house, it's blown there by the wind, particularly from a neighbour's house three doors away who often put bags outside for days and then the foxes rip them apart. My Council Tax pays for street cleaners, I don't drop rubbish so stop trying to guilt trip me into cleaning outside my house.”

Readers argued a shift in people’s behaviour was needed.

Michael Dominick from Worthing wrote: “We don't need more street cleaners, what we need is less people who don't care and think others will follow behind them and clear up their mess. We as a country have caused this as we now have a generation of people who have no respect for others and their property and think they are owed everything but give nothing back in return.”

Pete Woolgar from Shoreham made a similar point: “People should take responsibility to NOT LITTER… If a clean up is needed, we pay substantial council tax and that contributes to street cleaning budgets.”

Steve Cowler added: “I think it needs to be drilled into kids at primary school. It's amazing what children can educate their parents about with regards to litter, recycling, plastic waste etc.”

Chichester’s Petra Harris wrote: “When is it ever reported that someone was fined for littering? I still see people regularly throwing litter out of their car window when I'm driving. Why don't we get stricter on those that litter instead of constantly clearing up after them? Let's show them we value our environment.”

If you would like to get in contact about our litter campaign email [email protected]