Williamson's Weekly Nature Notes

THE rarest mouse in Britain lives in my house. It's a very pretty little creature and a joy to watch in the wild. But not in the house.

It chews the corks in the wine bottles, gets into the bread, carries the Christmas nuts under the floorboards and jumps in and out of the bath when that's empty.

It is as quick as lightning and just as dangerous. . . because one of its little games is to chew the plastic off the electric cables running under the bedroom floorboards.

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So, much against my will, I have to trap the little crittur. My photo shows one on the bird table outside the kitchen window, enjoying a round or two of Hovis. If only they would stay out there.

They also get into my cars out in the garage and store dozens of acorns and hazel nuts under the seats and make nests out of old parking labels and shopping lists.

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