Family of five rescued from mud in West Sussex

The emergency services came out in force to rescue a family who became stuck in the mud in West Wittering over the weekend.

Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team said it was paged to reports of a family of five stuck in the mud ‘with an incoming tide’ on Saturday (February 17) around 12.45pm.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and Portsmouth Coastguard Rescue Team were also all tasked.

A Coastguard statement read: “Four members of the fire service tried to go out to the family on the mud, but it was decided it was best to send two specialist trained mud technicians from Selsey Coastguard Rescue Team out to the family.

“Once our mud technicians were deployed on to the mud we were able to rescue the family of five and bring them back to safety successfully with the support of the fire service.

“Once the family were safely ashore they were handed over and checked over by the ambulance service, who warmed them up and apart from all being very cold were fine and were able to go on their way.

“All assets were then able to return to their stations and once back we commenced the huge wash down and clean up operation of all our equipment.”

The specialist mud rescue team is ‘highly trained in mud rescue’ and have all the equipment required to carry out an ‘effective and successful rescue’.

The Coastguard issued some mud and quicksand safety tips:

– Check the weather forecast and tide times before you leave home;

– Look out for and follow the advice on warning signs;

– Avoid crossing estuaries and walking through mud where there can be hidden channels of fast-flowing water;

– If you do get trapped, sit back to spread your weight evenly across the surface;

– Stop others from trying to help you, as they might get stuck too;

– If you get stuck, call 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard.

– In an emergency out at sea, on the beach, or if you get stuck in mud along the coast phone and ask for the Coastguard.