FILM: Love Bite (15)

Virginity might be a prized virtue for the teenagers of the rundown coastal resort of Rainmouth-on-Sea but it could get them killed in director Andy De Emmony’s comedy horror.

Jamie (Ed Speleers) and his mates Bruno (Robin Morrissey), Kevin (Luke Pasqualino) and Spike (Daniel Kendrick) have few prospects in town other than working in the local pie factory.

While Bruno, Kevin and Spike are content with their meagre lot, Jamie hankers for more and he thinks he might have found it when he meets beautiful American traveller Juliana (Jessica Szohr) at a party.

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Soon after, a local teenager goes missing and crazed werewolf hunter Sid (Timothy Spall) arrives in Rainmouth-on-Sea on the trail of a ferocious lycanthrope, which preys on the flesh of virgins.

The only escape seems to be for Jamie and his pals to have sex while Sergeant Rooney (Robert Pugh) and local police follow the clues to unmask the werewolf in their midst.

Released: November 9 (UK & Ireland), 90 mins