Fire crews rescue dog stuck in Sussex quarry

Fire crews sprang into action when a pet dog became stuck on a ledge 50ft up the side of a Sussex quarry.

A specialist unit from West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service rushed to the scene in Chantry Lane, Storrington, shortly after 6.10pm on Saturday.

A Heavy Rescue Tender and crew from Worthing also attended to provide extra specialist equipment and support to reach the dog because of its remote location.

Technical Rescue Unit crew manager Charlie Eastwell said: “Due to the dog’s location so high up on the side of the quarry, this was quite a technically challenging rescue.

Fire crews rescued a dog from a quarry in Storrington

“With it already being dark, and a weather warning in place for bad weather, we had to take extreme care.

“Thankfully the owner had realised that the dog would need specialist help to get back down from where she had ended up and had not attempted to scale the quarry wall themselves.

“Using our rope rescue skills we were able make our way to the ledge, and carefully retrieved the dog and brought her back down to her owners.”