Fire engines attend flooding in Newhaven which has affected eight properties

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) were called at 10am on Tuesday, February 27, to reports of flooding affecting eight properties in Denton Road.

According to ESFRS, two fire engines were in attendance from Wadhurst and Newhaven. Crews used pumping equipment and liaised with the water authority, council and the Environment Agency. Crews left the scene by 12.15pm and the incident was handed over to Southern Water.

Newhaven councillor Sean Macleod said: “Sadly for the third year running the properties on Denton Mews have been flooded and Denton Road has become a river, it’s clear to anyone to see that the new build homes built 3 years ago have caused this issue to get worse. We need the District Council and other stakeholders to find a solution as it’s not fair on the property owners and the local residents of Denton. We simply can’t have this problem every year.”

This is the third year in a row the properties on Denton Mews have flooded, since they have been built.

According to a statement from Lewes District Council: “We are continuing to liaise with the lead agencies in Denton, including East Sussex Highways and Southern Water. We completely understand that the flooding is a cause of considerable concern and we are ready to provide emergency support to residents in the area if required.”

Cllr Macleod added: “Residents are demanding action and want to see Lewes District Council, Southern Water and other agencies to get together and find a long term solution, as closing the road and having 8 properties flood every year is not the answer and it cant just go ignored.

“Residents have understandably reached boiling point, 3 years on the spin now this flooding has happened and its been 3 years since the new housing development was built, it is clear that this development should never have been built and anyone that lived here will have told you that.

“As a Councillor I am really angry as this just cant continue to happen and I really want to see some desire to find a long term solution to what is becoming a regular problem.”