Firefighters to carry out high-rise exercise in Brighton

East Sussex firefighters will to carry out an exercise to practise their response to a fire at a commercial high rise building in Brighton.
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Fire and Rescue News

The exercise is set to take place today (August 31) at a property near Preston Circus.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said the scenario will be that a fire has broken out on one of the upper floors.

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Assistant director of safer communities Mark Matthews said: “Fortunately a fire of this nature is not a regular occurrence but that’s why it is so important that our crews run events like this. It means crews experience what it would be like to deal with a fire in a large building and also gives us the opportunity to improve our response plans if there was a real emergency.

“It is always worth ensuring you know the evacuation plan and potential escape routes if you work in a high rise building. If you don’t know, ask your managers. There should also be clear signage for fire exits and work places should run fire drills.”

Crews from Preston Circus, Roedean and Hove will be joined by fire engines from Uckfield, Forest Row and the service training centre. Fire engines from other parts of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will provide emergency cover during the exercise.

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