Firefighters’ warning after blaze leaves Lindfield home engulfed in smoke

Firefighters have issued a warning after crews were called to a blaze in Lindfield.

They are urging residents to ensure they have working smoke alarms fitted in their homes which are tested regularly following the fire which broke out on Saturday, October 2.

A spokesman said: “Crews from Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill were mobilised to a flat fire at Green Meadows in Lindfield at 2.50pm where no smoke alarms were present.

“On arrival it became apparent that there had been a small fire in the microwave and the flat was completely smoke logged. Crews had to ventilate the property and check there were no hot spots remaining.

“Fortunately, the resident had been led to safety prior to the arrival of the fire service.”

Nicki Peddle, Head of Prevention added: “I really cannot emphasise enough the importance of fitting your property with working smoke alarms. Statistics show that you are four times more likely to die in a fire in the home if there is no working smoke alarm, so to say it’s a life-saving piece of equipment is no understatement.

“On this occasion, it’s really fortunate that the fire burnt itself out and didn’t spread further. However, this is not always the case, so if you don’t have smoke alarms in your property, please make it your biggest priority to change this today.”

The spokesman said: “If you are worried that a vulnerable person is not fire safe, you can refer them, or yourself, for free Safe & Well advice. Where appropriate smoke alarms or other specialist fire detection equipment will be fitted, free of charge.

“For more information visit the Safe & Well Visit webpage.”