Formerly homeless David tells how his life has changed

VOLUNTEERS for the Jubilee Soup Run have seen many former homeless people secure jobs and accommodation.

David Russell
David Russell

One of these success stories is David Russell, who has turned his life around and is now on the verge of setting up a photography business.

He also volunteers with the soup run to help other homeless people.

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David said: “I became homeless nine months ago and spent a lot of time on the streets in Worthing.

“In December, 2013, I started going to the Soup Run near the beach in Worthing, which was served by a team of people from Jubilee Church. This is where I met Peter, who gave me a lot of help and support.

“Peter came with me to look at a room in a shared house, it didn’t have any furniture but it was a room in a warm, dry house.

“Despite being homeless, the landlord was happy to give me a break and a week later I moved in.

“Peter’s wife, Sharon, runs the ‘Re Loved’ furniture project and she supplied me with a free bed, curtains, wardrobe, desk, bedside table, a lamp and pots, pans and plates.

“Since I moved in to my own room, it has given me quality of life.”

David has now started to build on his passion for photography.

He said: “I enjoy photography and spend a lot of my time taking photographs of everyday life and my surroundings, to gain experience, as well as actively looking for work.

“I have found that once employers find out I am homeless they don’t want to give me a job but I have gained confidence and have started advertising my photos in various businesses around Worthing.

“In the next three weeks I shall be starting a business course to start my own photographic venture.

“My life is now looking brighter and I feel very happy.”